Happy New Year dreamers! I hope that you are having a wonderful night/day (depends on where you are HAHA). And I am not sure if there are countries or religions that do not spend this, so if you are one of them, still hope you're having a great night/day and Happy 2016 to us! Yay!


I decide to share with you something rather personal. Which is (if you still cannot tell by the title haha) my New Year's Resolution for the year 2015. I suppose some of you might think that resolutions are not at all personal, but I consider it one because they are things that you want to do because of something wrong that you did in the past. Or if not wrong then maybe something that is not good at all. BUT, since this is a "personal blog" as I call it, then it wouldn't be bad to share them with you. Besides, you're my dreamers. I trust in all of you.

Okay so now, I would stop typing all these nonsense and present to you my New Year's Resolution!

1.) Be organized! From studies to reading and blogging of course. Probably do a time management technique of some sorts (which I am very bad at).

2.) Make a goal list / bucket list of things that I would really want to accomplish this 2016 either for myself only or with my friends. And maybe a wishlist too, of things that I want to obtain this year.

3.) Own a gratitude journal / diary where I can jot down everyday experiences. And also a mason jar where I can keep my memorable experiences and read it at the end of the year!

4.) Sleep and wake up at the same time EVERYDAY! Probably sleep by 10:00-10:30pm and be awake at 5:00am? Not so sure about that but we'll get there. HAHA.

5.) Save up for Christmas before it actually comes. Or just save up a lot in general. :D

6.) Learn something new / Explore a new skill or hobby. I was thinking about watercolor painting. And writing stories (a very huge dream of mine).

7.) Break a bad habit. I have tons of these. But an example is not washing my face at night when I am too tired. Whoops.

8.) Be a YOUTUBER. That is, after this blog gets a bit successful. Like I said, I'm never good at managing time so I have to be ready when the youtube thing comes. I always dreamt of being a YOUTUBER sooo. YEAAAH! ROCK ON!

9.) Drink the required amount of water which is 2-3 liters. (Add this to my bad habits HAHA)

10.) Meet new people. Step out of my comfort zone. (I'm an introvert that's why)

11.) Be more open-minded and serious about relationships. Just to clear things: I AM NOT A PLAYER. Some of you might think that because I used the term "serious" sooo. HAHA. I just think that relationships are not a priority. But everyone can try right?

12.) Lastly, make up with my old friends that I had a falling out with. I do have some friends whom I haven't had a communication with for the past few months after we graduated high school. I do know the reason and I do understand so I gave them some time. But I hope this year, we can work things out.

Well yeah, that is it. I hope that you got some ideas from my resolutions that you can add to your list. I also hope that you don't find this very impossible because nothing is. We all need to try changing for the better. :) Happy New Year everyone! All the love.

Hello dreamers! I am back with a very exciting, but short post. But it's exciting because I love it. As you can read on the title bar above, this is the best Christmas present I got for this year. And I still can't believe I have it in my hands already. I'm so stoked! Okay here it is.

You can see this on my instagram account too which I now made public for everyone to seeee! Follow me @rissecruz

This is That Moment by One Direction. It is a perfume obviously, that is so darn good. It smells so amazing like I don't even want to use it! Gaaaah! Can you even believe that I finally have it?! I know I can't. I have been wanting this for years! Or well at least, for a very long time. HAHA. As far as I know I have been originally rooting for Our Moment which was the first perfume released by One Direction but yeah, I had this and I got no problem with that. At all. 

I am also doing this post to do a short review about this perfume, and if you didn't see this coming already I am rating this a 5 out of 5!
Criteria of course are - First the packaging, I really loved the box itself because it is very feminine and it had some metallic shimmy which I obviously adore + the boys. You just can't consider this a 1D perfume without the boys. (Zayn in the photo though ToT) Second, is the look of the bottle itself. It looks very high-end and luxurious which is great and lovely. I loved loved loved the cap which looks like a crown. Or it is really designed as a crown? Not sure about that. And the body of the bottle is PINK! HAHA. Lastly, the scent. Oh my goodness I love the scent. It's not too strong. But it doesn't smell too sweet. Just perf. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have this, and how you think about it.

All the love,

Dreamers! Aaaagh. I missed you and it breaks my heart. </3 Blame school for our lack of bonding together guys. BLAME SCHOOL.

Oh well you can't really blame school but still. Okay. Blame me for not managing my time well. I'm sorry. Second semester got in the way. And hell was it hard. I never thought that it was so hard to change your schedule from the plotted one.

Anyways, nothing special happened while I was gone in the blogsphere. I attended this workshop by Out of the Box called Media Literacy Workshop. It was held at De La Salle University- Dasmarinas last December 5th. What it was basically, was a workshop that discussed about the power of media and sorts. The speakers also took us behind the scenes of journalism (not literally) by talking about the process that goes inside the production. It was loads of fun because we did some activities like roleplaying and more. LOVED IT!

Risse xx

Dreamers! Hi hi! HAHA. So I got to spend time with two of my best buds last Tuesday (Cuz' my other bud cannot go so it's just the three of us).  Aaand yeah. HAHA. We never did anything actually. Just chillin'. Catching up because college is getting in the way. And a little bit of movie marathon. HAHA.

After that we went ahead to Starbucks, because the Christmas drinks are back! Red cups are back! Got my fave Toffee Nut Frappe so it isn't actually placed in a red cup, BUT STILL! HAHA. And I should start filling up stickers for the Moleskine planners. Soo uh yeah. That's about it. Nothing too crazy.

Dreamers! I would like to thank you all for being a part of my life. I know there isn't a lot of you. Or maybe I don't have any avid readers from this blog but hey, whoever you are reading this right now. THANK YOU. Thank you for sneaking a peek. :) Now that I am officially seventeen (Well I am seventeen since October 19th but, got no time to blog that day), I vow never to leave you guys. I will try my best to do my duties for this blog. I wouldn't put this up if I can't. It's just that it's still hard for me to manage my time especially when school starts.But we'll get to that soon won't we?

Last October 24th, my mom, dad, and I decided to celebrate mine and my dad's birthday because my dad's birthday is next to mine! Isn't that cool? I think it is. HAHA. So we went to the mall (AKA SM Mall of Asia) to watch a movie and grab some dinner too. Aaaand here is my outfit. Not much of an outfit though. HAHA.

I wore this off-shoulder lace top that was given by my mom saying she wanted to see me wearing this on my birthday. So there you go mom. HAHA. I'm not so sure of where I got the pastel blue highwaisted shorts but I'm guessing Primadonna. And the bag was from my cousin so I am not so sure where it is from. SORRY! I am not so good with remembering. ToT Lastly, I am wearing my sandals from a thrift shop which is really cool but is not seen in this photo. HAHA. Way to go!

That's about it. Thank you so much guys for reading, will be posting another one very soon. Comment what you want me to post down below and I will be at your service. 

Dreamers! I am back at last! HAHA. I'M SORRY! Finals came and of course I was surrounded by film shootings and term papers. But as you can obviously see from the title, IT'S SEMESTRAL BREAK!

I've been to a lot of events inside DLSUD because I am a part of the DLSUD Communication and Media Society. With that said, I got to meet some of the coolest people in the media and literature industry like Don Jaucian, Elaine Carag and Words Anonymous members: Louise Meets, Zuela Herrera and of course JUAN MIGUEL SEVERO. I will be doing a separate blog post for the two events that we organized. And that will be posted really soon so stay tuned for that.

I also had the chance to watch the Cinema One Originals films because again, it was organized by the DLSUD-COMMSOC team. (Shoutout to them, I love you all!) It was so amazing having to watch various indie films. And if you are aware, That Thing Called Tadhana is an indie film by Cinema One so I also had the chance to watch it with my fellas for the fourth time. HAHA. We were even invited to shout the tag line, "Cinema One Originals 2015. Kakaiba ka ba?" in front of the camera and that was such a nice experience. Was I weird for saying that?

Anyways, that was the majority of the events that took place during my first semester. Of course that would include the preliminary up to the finals examinations and film making (which was really fun!).


My birthday was last October 19th and I was not able to celebrate because of the storm and the earthquake. Yes I know. Best. Gift. Ever. Soooo. I decided to celebrate with my mom and dad tomorrow! And of course tomorrow would no end without me posting pictures sooo. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DOOO. ANd btw, my dad's birthday was next to mine so, MORE REASONS TO CELEBRATE! No more classes, post birthday celebrations and. I don't know what's next. HAHA.

*sighs* That's all for today. Sorry for not having any pictures and what not cause like I said, the storm ruined everything. Goodnight!

P.S. Please pray for the Filipinos. Okay? Okay. Loveyou.

Hey there dreamers! I am back with another post and this time, it is my HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS: WARM TONED EDITION. It's not like I have different ways of editing my photos right now, but as of this moment, my theme is more warm toned. Well actually, I just started adding theme in my photos. If you've been following my account for a long time, you can tell that EVERYTHING'S A MESS. Especially for the first 100 pictures I have there.

It's not like I am a professional when it comes to these, but I just thought of sharing how I edited mine because so far, I am liking how it looks. Here's a peek in my account if you haven't checked it out yet:

I wouldn't consider this sepia-toned because there's still a lot of color seen, but yeah. Brown and reddish shades are more visible in the pictures. 

So to begin with, I actually use two apps for editing: Filterloop and VSCOcam. But, I use VSCOcam more often. I only use Filterloop when I can't set the right tone for a specific picture. Their filters are great but most are not free so I prefer VSCOcam. :)

Here are the step by step procedures of what I do using VSCOcam.

STEP 1: Of course, open your VSCOcam app. Add the picture that you'll be editing. Then click on the paintbrush thingy below. Unlike others, I start by choosing a filter. 

STEP 2: Here I used KK1 and set it to 12. M5, G3, and KK2 can also be used for a wam-toned photo.

STEP 3: Now, I went to the wrench-like button to edit minor corrections in the photo.

STEP 4: I went to the Highlights Tint, chose the RED color and increased it to 9.

STEP 5: Then I went to Shadows Tint, clicked on the red again, and increased it to 12. I also use orange, depends on the photo.

STEP 6: I clicked the Skin Tone button and decreased it -3. This makes the photo a bit more red. Increasing it on the other hand, makes it orange-y.

STEP 7: Now I also went to the Temperature to increase it to 3. Decreasing on the other hand makes a cooler tone.

STEP 8: I also increased the Tint to its max which is 6. This makes the Shadows Tint and Highlights Tint more evident.

STEP 9: I often increase the Saturation of my photos mainly because I wanted the colors to pop. So here I increased it to 2. 

STEP 10: This is the last step for this photo. I lessened the exposure to -2. I believe that the tone became warmer when it was a little bit darker.

So yeah. See the difference in the next photo. I am really liking how everything's going. :D

Sorry if this post was so long. I just wanted to make it clearly on point. I am also aware that some of you prefer the cleaner look from the BEFORE picture, but I kinda want mine to be different so yeah. And I also hope this is helpful. Will be posting more soon! xx

Hey dreamers! I haven't posted in a while. And I missed doing it so I am gonna be doing a back to back post for today.

So yesterday, I went to two different places. First, I went to Penshoppe alone and bought a few tees to use for WASH DAY. Which is common among us, college freshmen! And then I went to a bowling place with my bestie. I don't know what the place was called but it was super fun spending time with one of my besties, Iah and her family. ^o^


When I was in high school my idea of WASH DAY was super cool. Because you get to wear whichever piece of clothing you wanted to wear. And, express yourself! But as I was already a few weeks in to college, two weeks to be exact, I am not loving it at all! Haha. I love the dressing up part, but choosing what to wear is definitely the hardest. Of course you cannot just wear anything. You have to look presentable enough to attend your classes. Sooo, I decided to go to the mall to pick up a few things. HAHA. I bought some shirts from Penshoppe which are so adorable. They have an on going sale so be sure to check your local Penshoppe outlets! (I will be posting the pictures in a separate haul post!)

I also bought me a bag from Grab! which is also super cute. It is in a beige-y cream color which is perfect for any outfit. The style is super casual yet very durable. (PICTURES TO FOLLOW!)


After doing a little bit of shopping, I went to Robinsons Imus with my bestie Iah. She was there with her whole family so I was a bit quiet the whole time. We went to this bowling arena and played four games. I was not really planning on playing but Iah forced me to. So I did. It was a fun experience actually. At first I was hesitant because the ball is too heavy and I am not really in a fit shape. I was actually scared that I will throw myself along with the ball. HAHA. Luckily it did not happen.

(Yup that's me, BE PROUD! HAHA xx)

The best part is when I was able to do two strikes and a spare! HAHA. Although as I am writing this, my arms are hurting like crazy because I had to exert force.

All in all it was actually a very good experience. We ate dinner before going home. I actually got home at around 9 in the evening already which was super late. Glad my parents did not scold me. I'll probably ban myself from going out again, HAHA.

I've never felt so happy being with friends. I did have a lot of friends back in my elementary days, but some of them never reached out when I transferred school. The friends that I had in high school though, stick with me through those good and bad times. This sounds cliche but who cares? Haha. It is the truth behind all strong friendships.

Moving on! I'm so glad to have these four girls in my life. And of course, more of the best friends in the world that I have.

CSTAN as we call ourselves, decides to spend a quality time together because school's about to start. We know that college is a tough one and we might not get a lot of chances to spend time together. Here's our bonding in pictures. xx

(Diane on the left, me on the right xx We're trying to do a silhouette effect hahaha)

(It's probably obvious as to where I am in this picture haha xx)
(This is uhhh hahaha secreeeet xx)

This was probably the best bonding we ever had, except for that one time where my friend Iah celebrated her birthday at the Mall of Asia and we got the chance to go SKATING! And none of us knew how. I should've captured those moments. 

AND I am probably going to miss them so much in college. We have busy schedules, we go to different classes. That really makes me so saaad. :(

So last Friday we went to check in at Remmington Hotel. T'was near the Resorts World Manila so we went there too.

Not much to see though. Most of the time I was just in the room. So I didn't really have that much time to blog. I slept all day. Haha.

Took some pictures from inside the room. HAHA. And that's all. Might as well show you the pictures.

(Passed by this cutie by the arcade haha xx)

(This was the view from our room's window xx and at below is where the parking lot is and the entrance to Resorts World)

(OOTN: What I wore while walking inside RW xx not really that much.)

(Me and my mom xx Dad's at the casino that time sooo..)
The weather was a bit nice yesterday. So I decided to do some malling with my BFF for life, Diane. I accompanied her first at our soon to be university!

Then we headed out to a mall near our places in the afternoon, after we ate our own lunch at home. So as not to spend a lot. That actually did not work. HAHA. As soon as we got there, we headed to Krispy Kreme to tend our hungry selves. We both got Iced Caramel Latte, Diane ordered the Chocolate Kreme Cake, and I got myself some Nutella doughnut. It was lovely! Unfortunately, we did not have the time to take pictures there, so I don't have anything to show. 

After that we went to the department store where I helped her pick some shoes for school. We also went for a little school shopping at the stationery section of the store, since there are tons of people at National Book Store where we usually buy our supplies. But we actually went to National Book Store as well to check some things that were not available at the Department store like yellow pads, and planners. We sat and took a few pictures at the part of the book store where less people are passing by. TALK ABOUT MUSCLE CRAMPS. Haha. We were a bit tired so we sat there for a little while.

(That's me on the right side, being creepy and without makeup on haha)

I am going to be posting the supplies that I got on a HAUL post. But that will be done after I get all the things I need! So stay tuned for that. I am an incoming college freshmen so DO NOT EXPECT A TON OF SUPPLIES. I probably have more things to buy after a few days of class, and textbooks are way more expensive so I have to save up for that. :) Also, tell me in the comments below if you would like to know what I wore that day #OOTD. 

'Til next time dreamers.

P.S. I recently revamped my Book Blog called BITTERSWEET BLOGS. So definitely check it out!

They say that what happens at the beginning of the month is what will happen to your entire month, and I actually believe that.

So I was kind of frustrated about what happened today. My bestfriend and I are about to go out, but unfortunately my bestfriend had an emergency so she can't go. That's just about one of the most stupid things I felt bad about. Who feels bad about a postponed girl's day out? I bet I can count them with my fingers. "THEM" including me. HAHA.

I don't feel bad about my best friend, but what happened itself. Because that probably meant I will be experiencing this for the whole month. ToT Believing that is one of the lamest things but whatever. 

Anyways, whenever these lame things happen to me what I do is listen to some of the songs I am loving. Or scribble on my notebooks. So I hope this will help you as well. Below is one of those songs I am loving lately. The song was used for Pitch Perfect 2 as one of the OSTs. Which I haven't watched by the way. (feels)

Hey guys! I am totally not new to this blogging thing. Although my first published blog was unsuccessful. Either way I hope that this will be better than my first blog which you can still check out at Bittersweet Blogs.

I am really excited for this and I hope you are too! I won't talk about my blog too much, but I would want you to know that this blog is basically about me, my style, my music, my favorites. So yeah. I hope you will respect my opinions as much as you do to other bloggers.

New posts up soon!

Risse xx