I've never felt so happy being with friends. I did have a lot of friends back in my elementary days, but some of them never reached out when I transferred school. The friends that I had in high school though, stick with me through those good and bad times. This sounds cliche but who cares? Haha. It is the truth behind all strong friendships.

Moving on! I'm so glad to have these four girls in my life. And of course, more of the best friends in the world that I have.

CSTAN as we call ourselves, decides to spend a quality time together because school's about to start. We know that college is a tough one and we might not get a lot of chances to spend time together. Here's our bonding in pictures. xx

(Diane on the left, me on the right xx We're trying to do a silhouette effect hahaha)

(It's probably obvious as to where I am in this picture haha xx)
(This is uhhh hahaha secreeeet xx)

This was probably the best bonding we ever had, except for that one time where my friend Iah celebrated her birthday at the Mall of Asia and we got the chance to go SKATING! And none of us knew how. I should've captured those moments. 

AND I am probably going to miss them so much in college. We have busy schedules, we go to different classes. That really makes me so saaad. :(

So last Friday we went to check in at Remmington Hotel. T'was near the Resorts World Manila so we went there too.

Not much to see though. Most of the time I was just in the room. So I didn't really have that much time to blog. I slept all day. Haha.

Took some pictures from inside the room. HAHA. And that's all. Might as well show you the pictures.

(Passed by this cutie by the arcade haha xx)

(This was the view from our room's window xx and at below is where the parking lot is and the entrance to Resorts World)

(OOTN: What I wore while walking inside RW xx not really that much.)

(Me and my mom xx Dad's at the casino that time sooo..)
The weather was a bit nice yesterday. So I decided to do some malling with my BFF for life, Diane. I accompanied her first at our soon to be university!

Then we headed out to a mall near our places in the afternoon, after we ate our own lunch at home. So as not to spend a lot. That actually did not work. HAHA. As soon as we got there, we headed to Krispy Kreme to tend our hungry selves. We both got Iced Caramel Latte, Diane ordered the Chocolate Kreme Cake, and I got myself some Nutella doughnut. It was lovely! Unfortunately, we did not have the time to take pictures there, so I don't have anything to show. 

After that we went to the department store where I helped her pick some shoes for school. We also went for a little school shopping at the stationery section of the store, since there are tons of people at National Book Store where we usually buy our supplies. But we actually went to National Book Store as well to check some things that were not available at the Department store like yellow pads, and planners. We sat and took a few pictures at the part of the book store where less people are passing by. TALK ABOUT MUSCLE CRAMPS. Haha. We were a bit tired so we sat there for a little while.

(That's me on the right side, being creepy and without makeup on haha)

I am going to be posting the supplies that I got on a HAUL post. But that will be done after I get all the things I need! So stay tuned for that. I am an incoming college freshmen so DO NOT EXPECT A TON OF SUPPLIES. I probably have more things to buy after a few days of class, and textbooks are way more expensive so I have to save up for that. :) Also, tell me in the comments below if you would like to know what I wore that day #OOTD. 

'Til next time dreamers.

P.S. I recently revamped my Book Blog called BITTERSWEET BLOGS. So definitely check it out!

They say that what happens at the beginning of the month is what will happen to your entire month, and I actually believe that.

So I was kind of frustrated about what happened today. My bestfriend and I are about to go out, but unfortunately my bestfriend had an emergency so she can't go. That's just about one of the most stupid things I felt bad about. Who feels bad about a postponed girl's day out? I bet I can count them with my fingers. "THEM" including me. HAHA.

I don't feel bad about my best friend, but what happened itself. Because that probably meant I will be experiencing this for the whole month. ToT Believing that is one of the lamest things but whatever. 

Anyways, whenever these lame things happen to me what I do is listen to some of the songs I am loving. Or scribble on my notebooks. So I hope this will help you as well. Below is one of those songs I am loving lately. The song was used for Pitch Perfect 2 as one of the OSTs. Which I haven't watched by the way. (feels)