Friendship Goals

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I've never felt so happy being with friends. I did have a lot of friends back in my elementary days, but some of them never reached out when I transferred school. The friends that I had in high school though, stick with me through those good and bad times. This sounds cliche but who cares? Haha. It is the truth behind all strong friendships.

Moving on! I'm so glad to have these four girls in my life. And of course, more of the best friends in the world that I have.

CSTAN as we call ourselves, decides to spend a quality time together because school's about to start. We know that college is a tough one and we might not get a lot of chances to spend time together. Here's our bonding in pictures. xx

(Diane on the left, me on the right xx We're trying to do a silhouette effect hahaha)

(It's probably obvious as to where I am in this picture haha xx)
(This is uhhh hahaha secreeeet xx)

This was probably the best bonding we ever had, except for that one time where my friend Iah celebrated her birthday at the Mall of Asia and we got the chance to go SKATING! And none of us knew how. I should've captured those moments. 

AND I am probably going to miss them so much in college. We have busy schedules, we go to different classes. That really makes me so saaad. :(

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