Girls Day Out

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The weather was a bit nice yesterday. So I decided to do some malling with my BFF for life, Diane. I accompanied her first at our soon to be university!

Then we headed out to a mall near our places in the afternoon, after we ate our own lunch at home. So as not to spend a lot. That actually did not work. HAHA. As soon as we got there, we headed to Krispy Kreme to tend our hungry selves. We both got Iced Caramel Latte, Diane ordered the Chocolate Kreme Cake, and I got myself some Nutella doughnut. It was lovely! Unfortunately, we did not have the time to take pictures there, so I don't have anything to show. 

After that we went to the department store where I helped her pick some shoes for school. We also went for a little school shopping at the stationery section of the store, since there are tons of people at National Book Store where we usually buy our supplies. But we actually went to National Book Store as well to check some things that were not available at the Department store like yellow pads, and planners. We sat and took a few pictures at the part of the book store where less people are passing by. TALK ABOUT MUSCLE CRAMPS. Haha. We were a bit tired so we sat there for a little while.

(That's me on the right side, being creepy and without makeup on haha)

I am going to be posting the supplies that I got on a HAUL post. But that will be done after I get all the things I need! So stay tuned for that. I am an incoming college freshmen so DO NOT EXPECT A TON OF SUPPLIES. I probably have more things to buy after a few days of class, and textbooks are way more expensive so I have to save up for that. :) Also, tell me in the comments below if you would like to know what I wore that day #OOTD. 

'Til next time dreamers.

P.S. I recently revamped my Book Blog called BITTERSWEET BLOGS. So definitely check it out!


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