Postponed Plans and What Not

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They say that what happens at the beginning of the month is what will happen to your entire month, and I actually believe that.

So I was kind of frustrated about what happened today. My bestfriend and I are about to go out, but unfortunately my bestfriend had an emergency so she can't go. That's just about one of the most stupid things I felt bad about. Who feels bad about a postponed girl's day out? I bet I can count them with my fingers. "THEM" including me. HAHA.

I don't feel bad about my best friend, but what happened itself. Because that probably meant I will be experiencing this for the whole month. ToT Believing that is one of the lamest things but whatever. 

Anyways, whenever these lame things happen to me what I do is listen to some of the songs I am loving. Or scribble on my notebooks. So I hope this will help you as well. Below is one of those songs I am loving lately. The song was used for Pitch Perfect 2 as one of the OSTs. Which I haven't watched by the way. (feels)


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