Hey there dreamers! I am back with another post and this time, it is my HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS: WARM TONED EDITION. It's not like I have different ways of editing my photos right now, but as of this moment, my theme is more warm toned. Well actually, I just started adding theme in my photos. If you've been following my account for a long time, you can tell that EVERYTHING'S A MESS. Especially for the first 100 pictures I have there.

It's not like I am a professional when it comes to these, but I just thought of sharing how I edited mine because so far, I am liking how it looks. Here's a peek in my account if you haven't checked it out yet:

I wouldn't consider this sepia-toned because there's still a lot of color seen, but yeah. Brown and reddish shades are more visible in the pictures. 

So to begin with, I actually use two apps for editing: Filterloop and VSCOcam. But, I use VSCOcam more often. I only use Filterloop when I can't set the right tone for a specific picture. Their filters are great but most are not free so I prefer VSCOcam. :)

Here are the step by step procedures of what I do using VSCOcam.

STEP 1: Of course, open your VSCOcam app. Add the picture that you'll be editing. Then click on the paintbrush thingy below. Unlike others, I start by choosing a filter. 

STEP 2: Here I used KK1 and set it to 12. M5, G3, and KK2 can also be used for a wam-toned photo.

STEP 3: Now, I went to the wrench-like button to edit minor corrections in the photo.

STEP 4: I went to the Highlights Tint, chose the RED color and increased it to 9.

STEP 5: Then I went to Shadows Tint, clicked on the red again, and increased it to 12. I also use orange, depends on the photo.

STEP 6: I clicked the Skin Tone button and decreased it -3. This makes the photo a bit more red. Increasing it on the other hand, makes it orange-y.

STEP 7: Now I also went to the Temperature to increase it to 3. Decreasing on the other hand makes a cooler tone.

STEP 8: I also increased the Tint to its max which is 6. This makes the Shadows Tint and Highlights Tint more evident.

STEP 9: I often increase the Saturation of my photos mainly because I wanted the colors to pop. So here I increased it to 2. 

STEP 10: This is the last step for this photo. I lessened the exposure to -2. I believe that the tone became warmer when it was a little bit darker.

So yeah. See the difference in the next photo. I am really liking how everything's going. :D

Sorry if this post was so long. I just wanted to make it clearly on point. I am also aware that some of you prefer the cleaner look from the BEFORE picture, but I kinda want mine to be different so yeah. And I also hope this is helpful. Will be posting more soon! xx