Semestral Break and Post Birthday Plan

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Dreamers! I am back at last! HAHA. I'M SORRY! Finals came and of course I was surrounded by film shootings and term papers. But as you can obviously see from the title, IT'S SEMESTRAL BREAK!

I've been to a lot of events inside DLSUD because I am a part of the DLSUD Communication and Media Society. With that said, I got to meet some of the coolest people in the media and literature industry like Don Jaucian, Elaine Carag and Words Anonymous members: Louise Meets, Zuela Herrera and of course JUAN MIGUEL SEVERO. I will be doing a separate blog post for the two events that we organized. And that will be posted really soon so stay tuned for that.

I also had the chance to watch the Cinema One Originals films because again, it was organized by the DLSUD-COMMSOC team. (Shoutout to them, I love you all!) It was so amazing having to watch various indie films. And if you are aware, That Thing Called Tadhana is an indie film by Cinema One so I also had the chance to watch it with my fellas for the fourth time. HAHA. We were even invited to shout the tag line, "Cinema One Originals 2015. Kakaiba ka ba?" in front of the camera and that was such a nice experience. Was I weird for saying that?

Anyways, that was the majority of the events that took place during my first semester. Of course that would include the preliminary up to the finals examinations and film making (which was really fun!).


My birthday was last October 19th and I was not able to celebrate because of the storm and the earthquake. Yes I know. Best. Gift. Ever. Soooo. I decided to celebrate with my mom and dad tomorrow! And of course tomorrow would no end without me posting pictures sooo. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DOOO. ANd btw, my dad's birthday was next to mine so, MORE REASONS TO CELEBRATE! No more classes, post birthday celebrations and. I don't know what's next. HAHA.

*sighs* That's all for today. Sorry for not having any pictures and what not cause like I said, the storm ruined everything. Goodnight!

P.S. Please pray for the Filipinos. Okay? Okay. Loveyou.


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