Where Have You Been?! - An Update on My Life HAHA

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Dreamers! Aaaagh. I missed you and it breaks my heart. </3 Blame school for our lack of bonding together guys. BLAME SCHOOL.

Oh well you can't really blame school but still. Okay. Blame me for not managing my time well. I'm sorry. Second semester got in the way. And hell was it hard. I never thought that it was so hard to change your schedule from the plotted one.

Anyways, nothing special happened while I was gone in the blogsphere. I attended this workshop by Out of the Box called Media Literacy Workshop. It was held at De La Salle University- Dasmarinas last December 5th. What it was basically, was a workshop that discussed about the power of media and sorts. The speakers also took us behind the scenes of journalism (not literally) by talking about the process that goes inside the production. It was loads of fun because we did some activities like roleplaying and more. LOVED IT!

Risse xx


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