HEY DREAMERS! I hope that you are having a great day. To kick off my 2016, I am giving you an OOTD post. Yaaay. I'm not so sure if I've done this on my previous posts. Have I? Hahaha.

So I went to my mom's side of the family to visit relatives of course. Not so much happened but I guess I enjoyed it. I also went to the newly opened H&M store at SM Dasmarinas. Yaay! ^__^ Also included in this post is my OOTD from New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve Outfit: I honestly don't know where all these came from because I got both my top and vest from mom. But I do believe that the turtleneck top is from California. And the vest is actually OLDER THAN ME. HAHA. I simply wore a gray ripped jeggings to finish the look. 

Fam Reunion Outfit:
Top from H&M
Jeans from USA
Shoes from Sundance

I am so loving the beanie and the hat, but then as I was just choosing from the different styles, it was announced that the store was closing sooo. Wasn't able to purchase that. Sad though. :(

Happy New Year everyone! I have been existing for 17 years, 2 months and 7 days as I am writing this letter. And throughout those years I have made a lot of stupid things, achieved a ton of goals, and now is the chance to say thank you for all of that.

Thank you to those who has been and will always be a huge part of my life. To my besties (you all know who you are), thank you for being the coolest friends. Thank you for not leaving. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. And also, thank you to my new found friends/squad who entered my life and stayed. Thank you to my DREAMERS!

Of course, letters like this wouldn't simply end with THANK YOUs. So I would like to take this chance to sincerely apologize. Sorry to those whom I tried so hard to push out of my life. Know that there is a reason behind it and I don't mean to hurt any of you. It was just so stupid of me to have this thinking that people who stays no matter how hard I push them away are the truest. Guess you can say that it isn't true at all. And that I was blinded by that mantra. Too blinded to block the truest and best people out. I once admitted to one of these people how I regret not having him around at times simply because I let my indecisive and insensitive mind lead my heart. And now, I am admitting it to all. My only hope is to work things out.

Since my New Year's Resolution for this year is already posted, I would no longer include it here. But to add to that, one of my goals is to try and fix the mistakes I had in the past. 17-year old me realized that I have not been a very good girl for the past couple of years so I want to make up for that.

So yup. That is it. For those who read this post in its entirety, thank you very much. And for those who scrolled their way through it, Happy New Year to you too. HAHA. Kidding.


Again, Happy New Year and I hope that you're having a great night!