Being Single on Valentine's // Why Don't I Have A Boyfriend?

Hello dreamers! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and a lot of us (or is it just me?), are single. So, to fill your day with loads of happiness and positivity without having a BAE, I will be sharing with you some of my thoughts and tips for Valentine's.

Well originally, Valentine's Day didn't have any relation with love and romanticism. It was just developed through a poetry by Chaucer called Valentines. (That was based on my mini research right there, haha). So, I don't really see any reason to be bitter about the celebration. On the other hand, we can't really avoid the fact that the celebration has become too mainstream and everybody who is in love, seems to love it.

But enough of those. The question is, what do I really feel being single on Valentine's?

Well, you can't erase the thought that you don't have anyone special to celebrate it with. But besides that idea, I think I'm perfectly fine. I do feel bitter at some point. Because, who doesn't? Couples everywhere. Teddy bears are on point. But at the end of the day, all of us will get our happily ever after. We just have to wait for the right timing, the right place and the right person. Yey!

Next question, why don't I have a boyfriend?

Hmm. I guess you can say that I am not yet ready to commit. As of the moment, I'm not sure if I am looking forward to a serious relationship with someone. But I am not saying that I am satisfied with flirting and all that. My main focus is studying and my blog. I don't think I can squish in a boyfriend in my list of priorities. BUUUUT, I am not closing doors. I don't want these words to haunt me because my opinion on relationship can change anytime. Tomorrow even.

And also, it doesn't matter if you're single on Valentine's Day! How would you celebrate it?

Watch a movie with your besties, or go to the salon with your mom. There's a ton of things to do that doesn't require you to be in a relationship. And for those who do have a boyfriend/girlfriend, enjoy the day but don't forget your fam and friends because they are the ones who truly wouldn't leave your side.

Happy Valentine's Day dreamers! All the love, xx.


  1. so girly ewwww
    salon? with your mom? di ba pwedeng wash your car with dad?
    or tumao sa sari sari store?
    salon talga?!
    mahal walambudyet and movies?with besties? ako lang walang bf samin ng besties ko huhuhuhu

    1. Well, yun yung ginagawa namin ng mom ko every Valentine's. And wala kaming car o kaya sari-sari store. May problema ba doon? Nag-suggest lang ako. You don't need to do it kung ayaw mo. :) God bless.

  2. this is so sexist!!! you are epitomizing gender roles!!

    1. This blog is composed of my opinions. Kung ayaw mong nakikita yung opinions ko, then don't read my posts. :) pero, kung may nasabi talaga akong hindi maganda pakinggan for you, i'm sorry. Thanks for letting me know. God bless. :)

  3. People must know that anything they post in social media could be a subject of scrutiny. You must be prepared for the consequences, responses and reactions. If you don't want people disagreeing with your opinions, don't post it. May freedom of expression ka, may freedom of expression din kami.

    1. I know that. I never said that I don't want to see people disagreeing with my posts. Like you said, we all have our freedom of expression, so I replied to her comment. I wasn't even mad. Ayoko lang na mainis pa siya by reading my posts. :)