Hey dreamers! I know that school just started last month but I'm pretty sure some of you girls out there are already running out of clothes to wear. Let me be you fairZEE godmother! (laugh please)

I've always been on the hunt for a comfy but stylish clothing. Items like overalls, dresses, and sweaters would surely give you that comfort but wearing it as if you thought about your outfit for weeks is the problem. Back when I was just starting my first year in college (a.k.a. a year ago), I never really minded styling up. It was a hard task for someone who had to adjust her whole life for the new journey. But being the sophomore college student that I am right now, I have to be constantly conscious of how I appear in front of everybody. Especially when you have to go in front of the class to do impromptu speeches, or go on stage for a class performance. 

I decided to show you how I styled this dress that I got from Style Stunner Manila. A gray ribbed dress that hugs your body just right and falls at the right length for your meticulous dress code in school.

This dress doesn't require much. Layer it with a denim jacket and a stunning watch and you're good to go!

Denim Jacket - Camp Beverly Hills
Watch - Timex