Hey dreamers! I've been gone for a long time haven't I? 

I'm sorry. :(

My second semester in school started with a BANG. It wasn't even a little bit good. It was just ... meh. I don't feel like doing anything. I don't have any post ideas for the past months. And I feel really bad about it. I don't want to simply post anything just for the sake of "posting something". I want you gals to read a great content. So yeah.

Now I already have some ideas in mind. Most of them are FASHION-related. But I don't have the time yet. I'll do my best to make time for it tho.


While I was out here on my blog. I've been doing a lot of "school" stuff. Mostly org related. But also academics. We've been doing a ton of shootings and performances. And I admit, I also have been watching a lot of kdramas. BUT I'VE BEEN DOING THAT SINCE 2010 SO IT'S NOT REALLY AN ISSUE. It's just that I've been spending more and more time to it. I've been busy with twitter as well. Because surprisingly, I finally made a fan account related to kpop and kdramas. I can't believe it too, don't worry. I really want to show you guys what I've been up to on twitter but that account is pretty embarrassing as it is full of KDRAMA and KPOP feels. You might not understand. I still don't have the courage too. BUT SOMEDAY. 

I won't make this lengthy. I just, missed blogging. A LOT. This is also an excuse to not prioritize my homeworks just yet. HAHAHA. Anyway, that's it for this post. Hope you'll bear with me guys.