Hey dreamers! It's me again and today I will be sharing with you my June K-Playlist. These are songs that I've been playing on a seemingly "spring-ish" morning. We don't have a spring season here in the PH so I can say that "spring" is a feeling of warm smiles, blooming flowers, cool breeze and new beginnings. These are songs that made my days better and light.

As the title suggests, the song is basically a manual for guys on how to treat their girl right. 
"When it’s time to sleep, with a low voice, quietly, make her tear as you say
Thank you so much, once a day, every day"

There isn't actually a neat translation for this song. But this song is basically about growing up and having a dream despite hardships. The rhythm of the song is really good and light that you wouldn't actually how deep it's about.

3. You & I - Kim Jong Wan (NELL)
"I don’t know where this feeling came from. Only I know about this small trembling. I’m trapped in a sandcastle that I made myself, like a little boy. I’m still lost, looking for that dream. Shall we dream together now? You and I." 
Need I say more?

4. You, Who? - Eric Nam x Somi
This song is very bubbly, much like the message of the song. You, Who is about a blossoming love, just like how flowers bloom in spring season.

5. Permeate - Lee Hae In
"At some point, in my heart. You quietly entered. Little by little, without being noticed. Because I’m slow about love. Because I don’t really know men. I didn’t know at all."

6. My Eyes (내 눈에만 보여) - 10cm
This song is too cute! It's about a discovery of feelings. This is a part of Goblin's OST , so you probably already heard this one if you're a fan.
"You keep going like this and that, shaking me up. You keep coming back and forth, confusing me."

7. I Smile (반드시 웃는다) - Day6
This probably is a little different from the songs here in my playlist, but I can't not have it here! It's very refreshing, and it makes my heart flutter as I listen to it. Go check it out now!

8. Dandelion (민들레) - Oohyo
"I love you just in this way. I want to wipe off all your tears. Hurry up and come dear. Everyday I'll wait for you. I'll smile for you a lot."

9. Palette - IU
Another growing up song, just listen to it, it's good.

Of course, a spring-ish playlist wouldn't be complete without BTS' Spring Day.
"I miss you. When I say that, I miss you more. I’m looking at your photo, but I still miss you"

(credits for the background photo used above)


Vacation just started, and now I have a time to spare for my blog again! Although I am still quite unsure of the content I want to put up, this should be a great start. I am actually 3 weeks and 4 days late for this post but I'll do it anyways because I still have a major POST CONCERT DEPRESSION.

Anyway, yes you saw it right! I went to the Wings Tour in Manila of BTS. Now before I start fangirling, let me tell you who they are.

Aren't they the best? HAHA. But kidding aside, BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts is a popular Korean boy group composed of 7 members who can be both hot and adorable at the same time: Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin. They debuted in the year 2013 and has been very successful ever since. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME THEY ARE BUT I CAN DO A WHOLE POST ABOUT THEM TOMORROW. OR MAYBE LATER.


I went for the 2nd day concert on the 7th of May this year. And this is actually the first time for me to watch ANY concert. That's why it's too special. I arrived in line at about 12 o' clock in the afternoon. Met up with my mutuals. And waited for 4 hours in line. Tbh, that was the first time I didn't feel like going home while waiting. I'm too impatient with waiting and falling in line but with the mutuals that I went with and new friends that I found, it wasn't boring at all. Add the fact that we're near the backstage entrance, so whenever a van comes in and someone goes out we can't help but shout.


Before I even fell in line, just as soon as I got out of the cab. I didn't realize that I was at the area where vans and buses pass by to enter the backstage of the arena. I was caught by surprise when people started screaming their lungs out while a van was passing just right in front of me. And then it hit me, this was probably BTS. I mean until now I'm not sure. But everyone that I've talked too said they arrived in that van, at the same time that I was there. I FEEL BLESSED.


We were allowed to go inside the arena, I was specifically at the Pacific Way I believe because I got a Lower Box Standing ticket which is just above the VIP seated section. And everyone was just running to get the best areas. However, I feel luckier because we were at the very center. So we could see EVERYTHING. I don't know why people tend to go on the sides instead of where we are but nobody was pushing us.

AT 5 O' CLOCK...

They started hyping us up by playing music videos. ARMYs started to do fanchants, sing along and stuff. Of course I did too. We took time to take pictures because as I said, we're not too crowded in our area. Here are some of 'em.

Look at the crowd! I wanted you to see the actual video where I got this gif, but I was screaming so loud. We were singing Spring Day at that time. Heheee. 

As soon as the clock striked 6pm, the crowd went wild! And when I say wild, I mean:

WE WENT WILDER WHEN THE WHITE CLOTH WENT DOWN AND NOT TODAY STARTED PLAYING. I live for that moment. I can see them faces although I wasn't at the VIP Standing section. I mean if you got that 20-20 vision, or you're wearing eyeglasses you can definitely make out their faces. They're so, flawless. Since nobody's allowed to bring SLRs inside, I don't have much photos to show. But these are some screencaps from my videos.
Yes, just a little zoom and WE ARE THAT NEAR. 

It was a 2-hour concert but it felt very short. They performed a lot of songs: Am I Wrong and Baepsae were performed after Not Today, as far as I remember. They did a medley too! And they spoke in Filipino! I won't forget Jin saying, "GIGIL NIYO C ACOE!" HAHAHA. And Taehyung's make face. God, I love every second of it. And their solo performances? Goodness, that was so so so EPIC AND DOPE AND LOVELY. I loved how Rapmon and Jin serenaded the crowd. And Suga, I thought he's gonna play the piano! Turns out it was just a prop. 

J-HOPE THO. He got a lot of attention from Filipino ARMYs. This gif sums up how our Hoseok grabbed the Filipina hearts AND HOW WE FELT.
His performance was soooooo stunning! Especially on that bridge part where the music stopped and instead of singing it the usual way he sang it more passionately. God, I love those things.

ANYWAY, this post is getting too long. The all in all experience was so magical and surreal. I wouldn't have it any other way. Both the ARMYs and the boys did the best. And they were safe the entire con, something I'm really thankful for.

I hope you want to see more K-posts, because I am doing just that. Go and check out my new tab: Fangirling on my blog. xx