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Hey dreamers! It's me again and today I will be sharing with you my June K-Playlist. These are songs that I've been playing on a seemingly "spring-ish" morning. We don't have a spring season here in the PH so I can say that "spring" is a feeling of warm smiles, blooming flowers, cool breeze and new beginnings. These are songs that made my days better and light.

As the title suggests, the song is basically a manual for guys on how to treat their girl right. 
"When it’s time to sleep, with a low voice, quietly, make her tear as you say
Thank you so much, once a day, every day"

There isn't actually a neat translation for this song. But this song is basically about growing up and having a dream despite hardships. The rhythm of the song is really good and light that you wouldn't actually how deep it's about.

3. You & I - Kim Jong Wan (NELL)
"I don’t know where this feeling came from. Only I know about this small trembling. I’m trapped in a sandcastle that I made myself, like a little boy. I’m still lost, looking for that dream. Shall we dream together now? You and I." 
Need I say more?

4. You, Who? - Eric Nam x Somi
This song is very bubbly, much like the message of the song. You, Who is about a blossoming love, just like how flowers bloom in spring season.

5. Permeate - Lee Hae In
"At some point, in my heart. You quietly entered. Little by little, without being noticed. Because I’m slow about love. Because I don’t really know men. I didn’t know at all."

6. My Eyes (내 눈에만 보여) - 10cm
This song is too cute! It's about a discovery of feelings. This is a part of Goblin's OST , so you probably already heard this one if you're a fan.
"You keep going like this and that, shaking me up. You keep coming back and forth, confusing me."

7. I Smile (반드시 웃는다) - Day6
This probably is a little different from the songs here in my playlist, but I can't not have it here! It's very refreshing, and it makes my heart flutter as I listen to it. Go check it out now!

8. Dandelion (민들레) - Oohyo
"I love you just in this way. I want to wipe off all your tears. Hurry up and come dear. Everyday I'll wait for you. I'll smile for you a lot."

9. Palette - IU
Another growing up song, just listen to it, it's good.

Of course, a spring-ish playlist wouldn't be complete without BTS' Spring Day.
"I miss you. When I say that, I miss you more. I’m looking at your photo, but I still miss you"


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